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Good wee article in the Cayman Reporter today.

Kittiwake painting on show

March 14, 2017 Leave a comment

The Kittiwake wreck inspired Graham

By Ron Shillingford

An artist from Scotland on vacation in Grand Cayman enjoyed his visit so much that he was inspired to create a painting which is now going on exhibition in his home city.

Paul Graham visited with his wife Loraine in January for two weeks. Their daughter Lynne works at the La Mer Spa in the Marriott Cayman Resort and they came over from Glasgow to see her and have a holiday.

They had a great time, renting a condo at Turtle Cove and had the use of Lynne’s car to discover places like Rum Point for mudslides. Taste of Cayman was another highlight.

The trip that inspired Graham’s painting was a Red Sail yacht trip off the beach at The Westin Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach Resort & Spa and out over the Kittiwake. They loved snorkelling over the ship watching the divers and better swimmers than them below.

“We here well looked after by captain Chris Torrie and his crew,” said Graham. “There are a lot of nice trips but this one was fab.”

Graham is a self-taught artist and a multi-award winning photographer. He has now developed a new passion for sport imagery through his paintings.

Paul Graham

His paintings are quickly growing in popularity with collectors around the world. Graham said: “The wind from the south got up a bit while we were there. On the down side of that, I never got to snorkel off Macabuca and the up side was that the kite surfers took full advantage so I am currently working on some paintings inspired by those wonderful sights.”

He will exhibit at the Glasgow Contemporary Arts Festival running from Apr. 28-30 in the old fruit market. His Cayman painting is of his daughter about the Kittiwake wreck.

“I’m looking forward to showing this painting and perhaps others inspired by the Caymans at the event,” he said. “My work depicts sporting of all sorts with a slight nostalgic feel. Sailing is a great subject that I paint a lot. Really enjoyed and being on a small island like the Caymans that gave me so many opportunities to sketch my favourite subject matter.”

He added that they hope to come back to Cayman next year and would love to exhibit there in the future.

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